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Throughout this project I intend to discover the facts behind immigration throughout the United States of America. The United States is a fairly new country. The foundation behind the country was that it was a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities with an appeal of being a country for independence among all the citizens. The United States of America was created around this foundation which appealed to many individuals from other countries as they began the very long and difficult journey to come to the United States and live the life they had always wanted. Throughout the years, it seems that the United States has changed drastically.

Immigration as a research topic is slightly over used among many students, but I plan to take a different approach through the whole thing. I am not looking at “illegal immigration”. I do not plan to go into anything with the federal law of deportation and such for those who are in the United States illegally. My whole project will be based on the American citizens who made the journey from a different country to live in the land of the free and have been put through a hard time to stay here. Three of the main points I intend to uncover are those of the citizenship process, medical care for immigrants in the United States and educational accommodations made for those in the process. Though there are only three points, I intend to go very in-depth with each and uncover different subtopics for each of them.

For instance, there are two different points I would like to unveil about the immigration process. My first subtopic under the process is the difficulty level of the citizenship tests. My second topic I would like to uncover about the citizenship test is the price to get everything underway to be able to take the tests. The price alone can be highly discouraging for many who are trying to undergo the immigration process. Sachs article “Pressed by Backlog, U.S. Rethinks Citizenship Test” goes in to some of the problems of the citizenship test. Another important article for uncovering the truths behind the citizenship tests in the United States is Joppke’s article in Citizenship Studies.

Medical care is one thing that everyone needs. No individual can ever be sure when they may get sick or have an emergency. Due to ridiculously expensive medical costs, medical insurance is a very important thing for individuals to have. The few subtopics I plan to research regarding medical care are the access to medical care for immigrants, the cost for the medical care and the problem with transplants for immigrants. I plan to discuss a bit of Heffernen’s article on transplant organs throughout the medical care section of my project.

My final topic is the education of immigrants in the United States. Education is the foundation of growing the future of the country. I plan to uncover any regulations that states may have to help accommodate immigrant child who may not speak English. I would like to learn the drawbacks on education for immigrants (if any) as well as the benefits of education for immigrants (if any). I have two interesting articles this far to go into the educational system in regards to immigrants. Both Cattanach and Naiditch’s articles will help me to uncover the education system in regards to immigrants.

I hope to take this project a different direction than most immigration projects are taken. This time, someone is actually on the side of immigration, someone trying to support immigration. Someone who is trying to educate and speak for equality for immigrants. Join the journey to uncover the truths.

Reference List

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