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There are many different definitions of framing. When brought to the mass media world, framing is more about the issues at hand rather than the topic as a whole. Framing pays more attention on events of the particular issue that helps to define the meaning of that issue. Framing is important because it has a big influence on the topic and helps with organization the topic at hand. Through this post, I will be framing three different words: cultural, blended and home. Each of these three words plays a different role in immigration as a whole.


There are obvious cultural benefits to immigration in the United States of America. The different cultures of immigrants has been what the United States has grown from and created it’s own individual cultural uniqueness. Considering the fact that the United States of America is a fairly new country, morals and values are constantly changing still. Immigration is needed throughout the United States to help with the introduction of different cultures to help balance everything out. On the other side of that fact, many immigrants come to the United States to experience a different culture than that of their native country. Being able to have different aspects on culture is a unique characteristic to the United States of America.

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Along side with cultural, blending is the act that brings the two together. It is important to blend cultures together to avoid major disputes and segregation. The United States has had a major problem with segregation in the past. Now however, it is more important than ever to make sure that individuals are blended together to work together instead of breaking apart from one another. Having immigrants blended together creates cohesion which makes for a much better life for citizens of the United States of America.

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After culture and blending are finished, a home is able to be built. It is important for immigrants in the United States to have a place that they can call their home. Whether it is an apartment or house they rent or a living area they own, a place to come to day to day is important in creating a belonging feeling. While there are many different things that could prevent individual immigrants from having a sense of belonging, have a home will have major benefits to the individual at hand.

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There are many different things that can pull the United States of America together in regards to immigration. Three very important variables are different cultures, blending those cultures, and creating a sense of home for the immigrants. While there may be different arguments against each of these, together they create a sense of belonging for individuals to help create a cohesive country. 



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