Miki’s Citizenship


Nineteen year old Miroljub (Miki) Marin is a sophomore at Eastern Illinois University. Born in Serbia, Miki and his family relocated to the United States of America during his high school years. Miki balances studying pre-med with being a track star at EIU. He’s done all of this while filing for citizenship for the United States of America.

Having come to the United States of America for a chance at a better life, Miki was able to learn of a gift he had, running track. This gift was one he was able to seize the opportunity of and has helped to make more opportunities throughout the years he has been in the states. Without having come to America, Miki would not have had the opportunity to better his future as he does now.

Miki was able to have what he calls to have been “perfect”. Miki talks about how it only took two years for his citizenship to go through where as it can take many more years for others. He was sworn in as a United States citizen this past summer. Miki was also granted dual citizenship, therefore he did not need to give up his citizenship in Serbia and was given citizenship in United States of America.

With Miki being granted dual citizenship, he has also been given another great opportunity:  Olympic potential. If Miki were to be made a contender for the Olympics, Miki would be able to run for not only the United States of America, but also for Serbia.

Through hard work and dedication, Miki has been able to achieve each of his goals one by one. From relocating to not only a different country but a different continent as a whole, to learning the way of a new culture and thriving. Miki was able to work to succeed in school and work through the citizenship process to become a citizen of the United States of America. He will continue to work on his education and fulfill more of his goals. 


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